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Westhoff named first Scholars recipient

November 25, 2013

Erika Westhoff was practically speechless when her sister, Mycah, presented her with an enormous check representing a 75 percent tuition reduction at Stephens College.

Erika, of Newton, Kan., was the first to receive a Scholars check, one of six Stephens will award.

Mycah, currently a theatre student at Stephens, surprised her with the news this weekend.

Erika Westhoff currently works in a library, where she has experienced first-hand just how much books can impact young readers. That’s why she’s pursuing an English degree in hopes of becoming a certified librarian.

Stephens each year presents six Scholars awards following the annual Scholars Weekend held in the fall. During the overnight event, students participate in an interview and complete a personal essay. 

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