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Oklahoma student receives full-tuition scholarship

November 25, 2013

Alicia Lamb thought it was just another Monday at Seminole High School in Oklahoma when Stephens counselors Tracy Dean and Lindsey Basler showed up with the surprise of a lifetime.
Lamb is the first of three full tuition scholarships Stephens will award to incoming freshmen following Scholars Weekend last weekend. 
Lamb has a number of interests but ultimately will study biology in pursuit of becoming an optometrist. At Stephens, biology students who apply for medical or other professional schools after graduation have a 95 percent acceptance rate.
Lamb also enjoys writing and anthropology. 
Scholars Weekend is an overnight event at Stephens in the fall that lets high achieving high school students compete for six scholarships, including three full tuition and three that pay 75 percent of tuition over a student's college career.

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