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Stephens students take 2nd in Gimme Truth

March 4, 2014

Stephens students Kirsten Izzett and Livvy Runyon took second place at Gimme Truth, the documentary game show held during the True/False Film Festival this weekend.

The event challenges film professionals to decide whether one-minute short films are fact or fiction.

Izzett and Runyon’s film, “Rice, Rice Baby,” told the unbelievable story of Izzett’s real-life baby picture—a photo so epic, her family sent it to relatives in the Philippines who went to a print shop to have it blown up. The printmaker was also amused by the photo: He made a poster-sized copy of the photo and hung it in his shop.
Six years later, Izzett’s father visited the Philippines and saw the photo hanging in the print shop’s window.
Only one of the judges thought the story was true, earning them the second-place win. Prizes included passes to next year’s True/False Film Festival.
This is the second year in a row Izzett has claimed the No. 2 prize at Gimme Truth. Last year, she and LeeAnne Lowry took second for a true short about a Stephens student who carries her rib bone in her pocket.
Lowery also had a film accepted into Gimme Truth, along with Hannah Bilau. Associate Professor Chase Thompson also screened a short at the event, held Saturday at the Blue Note.
Watch Rice, Rice Baby:

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