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Stephens students gear up for 50-day, 50-state trip

March 12, 2014

Two Stephens College students are gearing up for a cross-country trip this summer.

Meredith Jacob and Madeline Carl, both of whom will be graduating in December, are planning to visit 50 states in 50 days. 
They’re filming the entire trip, hoping to capture compelling stories across the country that will eventually become a full-length documentary.

Although the adventure itself will no doubt provide all sorts of interesting story fodder, the two have a larger agenda for the film.

“We want to inspire young women that they can do anything as long as they’re passionate about it,” Jacob said. “Plenty of people have told us we can’t do this. We want to inspire people and let them know they can do it.”

The two hope the stories they hear from others during the trip reinforce that message.

“This isn’t just our story,” Carl said. “Everyone has a story, and we hope to collect those stories of successes and failures along the way. And I’m sure we’ll have failures, but this is about not stopping. It’s about overcoming those obstacles.”

The duo will leave from Columbia on May 12, head west to Kansas, then north through Minnesota to North Dakota. From there, they’ll head east, following much of the New England coastline before heading to West Virginia, where they plan to stay in a haunted abandoned asylum. The route then veers south to Florida and Louisiana before heading west. The trip is scheduled to end July 4 “somewhere in Hawaii.” 

The complete route and other information can be found on their website 50 States in 50 Days.
To get a more authentic experience, Jacob and Carl don’t expect to spend a single night in a hotel. They’re asking friends, relatives and alumnae for help finding places to stay in each destination city. They'll also be hosting a fundraising event on campus in April. Check back for more information. 

Jacob and Carl will keep friends and fans updated on their whereabouts and adventures through Facebook and other social media platforms. 

“We want this to be interactive,” Jacob said. “We appreciate any help and hope it’s interesting to people, even if they just want to live vicariously through us for 50 days.”

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