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Bartel part of international group eyeing gaps in leadership research

March 19, 2014

What would leadership look like if viewed through a woman’s lens?
That’s what an international group of researchers and leaders—including the dean of the School of Organizational Leadership and Strategic Communication at Stephens College—is asking as part of a two-year project aiming to identify gaps in leadership research. Dr. Susan Bartel is participating in the project, which includes a colloquium, “Advancing Theories of Women and Leadership,” at Utah Valley University in May. Specifically, Bartel is working in a group charged with studying power, gender and leadership.
When it comes to leadership, research assumptions, theories and models used today were developed based on male perspectives and cultural expectations. Colloquium participants will rethink those assumptions, researching leadership concepts with women to see what trends emerge, Bartel said.
In the short-term, Bartel expects the group to gain a clearer understanding of the gaps in current research and thought models and identify where additional study is needed. A long-term outcome will be a book with chapters from colloquium participants.
After Bartel was invited to participate in the colloquium, Stephens signed on as a sponsor of the event. Being involved in this prestigious study will have numerous benefits for the College, she said.
"This research project not only benefits Stephens College as being part of the national stage of women and leadership but also contributes to my teaching, research and even administrative areas,” Bartel said. “I will benefit from the connections and networking with these women around the world who have already been the voices in the literature as well as new scholars and researchers."

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