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TRYPS Institute at Stephens to open by start of school year

March 24, 2014

The TRYPS Institute at Stephens College will be open on campus by the start of the 2014 school year.
That's a slight delay from the anticipated opening day of April 1. Facility crews at Stephens ran into some issues with ductwork when they started demolition, requiring extra permits from the city, said Greg Mankey, director of Facilities Management. 
Stephens is installing a new exterior fire escape that will be accessible from all three floors, also contributing to delays. Plans include enclosing the exterior stairs to maintain the historical integrity of the building.
"This just shows how invested everyone is in making that space safe and comfortable," said Jill Womack, executive artistic director at TRYPS. "It might take a little more time, but that's OK. We want everything to be perfect. And most of all, everyone wants the space to be safe.”
TRYPS (Theatre Reaching Young People & Schools) has extended its lease in the Columbia Mall to continue programming until the move. Classes and programs are typically busy in the summer months, so Womack said the group expects to wait until August to transition to Stephens.
TRYPS and Stephens officials announced in February that the theatre program would become part of the School of Performing Arts at Stephens, relocating to the west wing of Hickman Hall. 
Delays won't impact TRYPS' first production at Stephens, which will be "Willy Wonka Jr." from April 4-6 at Macklanburg Playhouse. That will also be the location of a ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 1.

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