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Stephens College launches bright new brand

April 3, 2014

Stephens College unveiled a new brand today that encourages audiences to “dream up” using a variety of bright, bold colors and a star-sparkle design element dubbed a “starkle.”

The brand aims to convey that Stephens is a place where faculty, staff and students believe in the power of dreams.

“We give bright young women the tools, the training and the tenacity to boldly—and unapologetically—go after their dreams with all they’ve got,” President Dianne Lynch said. “That’s essentially what we promise and deliver.”

The brand will feature students and show how they were able to exceed their goals when they came to Stephens. The brand also will express what makes Stephens unique through catchy phrases.

Those colors, students and sayings will be featured on outdoor signage and banners, newspaper and magazine ads, a city bus and around campus.

“You’ll see a vibrant and exciting Stephens community,” said Rebecca Kline, director of Marketing and Communications.

The brand has been a year in the making and has included input from the entire Stephens family. The idea of “dreaming up” applies to all of Stephens’ audiences, Kline said.

“We have many great programs, from our children’s school to undergraduate programs that emphasize the creative arts and sciences,  through graduate and post-graduate studies, and we wanted one unifying voice,” she said.

The Office of Marketing and Communication executed the brand after developing a vision through a partnership with MindPower, a brand development firm out of Atlanta.

The new brand also comes with a new Stephens website, still found at

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