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The Ten reveal identities at Convocation

April 8, 2014

The identities of who embody the Ten Ideals became public yesterday at the annual Honors Convocation ceremony in Kimball Ballroom.
The Ten is a secret society dating back to 1921 made up of 10 seniors who recognize others throughout the year for demonstrating Stephens’ values. This year, the group rewarded recipients with crafts and gifts displayed on tables in Columbia Foyer.
Students representing The Ten this year are:·      Belief – Jordan Jackson·      Courage – Emma Marston·      Creativity – Bree Martino·      Independence – Mi’Kael Henderson·      Intelligence – Dina Kaissi·      Leadership – Michelle Niewald·      Respect – Kramer Pruitt·      Responsibility – Kaylyn Crane·      Sensitivity – Erica Bonnot·      Support – Emily Park
Niewald wrote about The Ten’s contributions to Stephens in an SC-Scene story published in February.
“The Ten serves our community in extraordinary ways,” President Dianne Lynch said at the time. “Every college and university has a mission statement, and most have a set of values they articulate and point to. At Stephens—thanks in large part to the Ten—we live those values, we recognize those among us who best represent those values, and we are reminded of them on a daily basis. We walk the talk, as they say—and we do that because every year, an exceptional group of very special students is willing to do the incredibly hard work to make that possible.”
Each year, The Ten also give a Four-Fold Girl Award and a Best Private Citizen Award, which also date back to 1921. This year, the Four-Fold Girl Award went to Student Government Association President Steffanie Frank, and Layne Wallace was named Best Private Citizen.

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