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Fashion students set up photo shoots at airport, other local landmarks

April 23, 2014

Stephens fashion students got a chance to experience a different type of runway this month when they arranged a photo shoot at the Columbia Regional Airport.
The early morning shoot was part of a series of off-campus photo shoots students in Art Direction and Photo Styling have set up across Columbia this month. They’ve also been to the Tiger Hotel and Helmi’s Gardens.
At each location, students had a chance to rotate between roles as art director, stylist and photographer, Assistant Professor Amy Parris said. Directors were responsible for creating mood boards to create a consistent story for the shoot, selecting the model and pulling garments from local retailers to tell the story through photography. 
At the airport, junior Colby Elliott was modeling as a celebrity going from her private jet to an evening event, senior Lyndsey Pliske said.“She’s going from a street style to a more glamorous Red Carpet look.”
The off-campus shoots provided a more authentic glimpse into the world of styling and direction, Parris said.
“One of the benefits of being on location is that you have to work together as a team,” she said. “External factors come into play and you can’t always control your environment. Sometimes the scene controls us.”
That was the case at the airport when photographers, art directors, stylists and Elliott had to drop what they were doing indoors to arrange to get photos in front of a plane taking off. Only four students were allowed on the runway, but the skeleton crew managed to get some shots before the plane disappeared.
“They had to drop everything and change looks quickly,” Parris said. “That plane was not going to wait for us.” 

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