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Juniors prepare, deliver lessons during 'clusters'

April 25, 2014

Stephens junior Dawnavyn James has spent the past week teaching elementary students about the Harlem Renaissance, an era of history often overlooked in social studies curriculum, she said.

But the children ended up teaching her a few things, too.
“I learned not to underestimate them,” she said. “They definitely guided me and my lesson plans, expanding on my ideas.”
James and fellow juniors studying education have spent the past two weeks teaching at the Stephens College Children’s School. The annual “clusters” event lets juniors take over classrooms, preparing and delivering lesson plans, as master-level teachers observe.
James made her lessons interactive, allowing students to rotate through roles. Students got to portray famous people from the Harlem Renaissance era while other students interviewed them with classmates filming “The Harlem Show” on tablets.
Last week, James taught weather at the preschool, letting children make tornados in bottles and fly kites to learn about wind patterns.
Fellow junior Katelyn Rush is teaching elementary students this week about architecture, a lesson that includes building a play house.

“They decided as a group on what they would consider a dream home and what would be included,” elementary teacher Lindsey Clifton said. “It’s been a collaborative effort.”

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