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English/Creative Writing students to present at international conference

March 18, 2015

Four English/Creative Writing students are headed to Albuquerque today to participate in Sigma Tau Delta’s annual International Convention.

Sophomore Shelly Romero and seniors Maggie Myers, Coral Hoelscher and Sarah Parris will be presenting their original works during the four-day session, which brings together members of the English honor society from around the world.

“It’s a huge honor,” Romero said. “This isn’t just a national conference; it’s international and includes speakers and professional authors.”

Romero will be reading her short metafiction, “So, You’re in a Horror Movie.” It’s somewhat of a love/hate letter to the horror genre and its overt stereotypes. (Think “Scream.”)

“If you’re in a horror movie, you don’t want to be the popular cheerleader, and you definitely don’t want to be the boyfriend of the last girl alive,” Romero quipped.

Since finding out her submission had been accepted, Romero has edited her piece several times and has been practicing reading it aloud.

“There’s a lot of voice in it,” she said. “It’s sassy and in-your-face. And it’s in second person, so I’ll be speaking directly to the audience.”

Hoelscher had a chance to practice reading her piece in public at last year’s Harbinger launch party.

The short story, “Sticks,” was published in Stephens’ 2014 literary magazine. It’s about a woman who watches her husband succumb to the same grotesque metamorphosis that her brother went through. (Too bad her children don’t realize the giant roach in the bedroom is actually their father.)

Myers will read a collection of poetry during the Sigma Tau Delta conference; and Parris will read her short story, “Last Dance.”

Judith Clark, professor emerita and adviser of the Sigma Tau Delta chapter at Stephens, is accompanying the group and will serve as a faculty moderator for two sessions.

The group will return Sunday and have a week off before preparing for this year’s literary magazine, which will be in print next month. The Harbinger will debut at a public party scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on April 24 at The Bridge in downtown Columbia.

Harbinger has won Sigma Tau Delta’s “Outstanding Literary Journal” four of the past five years.

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