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Columbia life coach touts benefits of being positive

April 25, 2014

Success doesn’t make you happy, rather being happy makes you successful.
That was the main take-away of Carolyn Sullivan’s keynote address during a leadership luncheon today at Celebrate Stephens Alumnae Reunion Weekend.
“Happiness doesn’t follow success,” Sullivan, a Columbia life coach, told a group of Alumnae Association Board members and other alumnae attendees. “Happiness leads to success.”
She pointed to research that has indicated the more positive someone is, the more productive and successful they are.

And contrary to popular belief, you can only control 50 percent of your happiness level—the other half is predetermined. That said, Sullivan offered some ways to best use the part you can control.
Practice gratitude, she said, and keep a journal. Those who exercise and meditate are also statistically happier, as well as those who take time to “play.”
And be kind, Sullivan said, not just to friends and family but also to strangers.
The AAB Leadership Luncheon also recognized outgoing AAB members, including Kathleen Brandt and retiring Board President Shatenita Horton, who turned the gavel over to the new president, Aimee Davenport.
Celebrate Stephens continues with a welcome party this afternoon, the annual Crossing the Bridge ceremony welcoming graduating seniors into the alumnae community and a happy hour event at the President’s Home.

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