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Equestrian students host, participate in Sho-Me Horse Circuit show Saturday

April 29, 2014

The Stephens College Equestrian Center hosted the Sho-Me Horse Circuit Horse Show this past weekend, attracting both Stephens students and outside riders.
It was the first show of the season for the Sho-Me Horse Circuit, the governing body of as many as 18 shows a year.
Stephens had 16 horses compete in addition to 30 horses brought in from the public, said instructor Karen Craighead, whose Equestrian Events Management class hosted the event.
“That blend of school horses and outside horses made for a nice show,” she said.

Students had the opportunity to not only compete but also plan and execute the event, said Michelle Humbert, a junior in the class.
“This event combines saddleseat and western, which typically each have huge shows in the area,” she said. “It’s unusual to have them both in one show.”

That allowed each discipline to see and interact with the other, she added.
Junior Hayley Upton typically competes as a huntseat rider, snagging the championship in her division at the Irish Fox Show in St. Louis earlier this semester. On Saturday, she took 2nd place in Class 2 American Saddlebred Horse Driving. Jessica Rauls took 1st place.

Cordy Brannan with Sons First Glance

Following is a complete list of Stephens students who placed at the show.
Open NoviceWestern Pleasure:
1st- Radical Rendezvous and Jessica Rauls
Green Western Pleasure:
1st MM’s Mr Joe and Emily Payne
Adult Horsemanship:
2nd Nevertoomuchchocolate and Megan Hasemann
Novice Walk/Trot Horsmanship
1st Alexis Hudson and Legends Diamond Chip
2nd Cheyenne Jones and Kids Double Joe
Egg & Spoon:
2nd Radical Rendezvous and Jessica Rauls
Walk/Trot Pleasure ages 14-18
1st Sheiks Aritfacts and Marge Sheldon
Novice Walk/Trot Pleasure
1st Legends Diamond Chip and Alexis Hudson
2nd Cheyenne Jones and Kids Double Joe
3rd Radical Rendezvous and Jessica Rauls
5th  Nevertoomuchchocolate and Rachel Cummings
6th MM’s Mr Joe and Emily Payne
 Novice Walk/Trot Trail
1st  Nevertoomuchchocolate and Megan Hasemann
2nd Docs Music Dancer and Julia Abegg
3rd  MM Mr Joe and Erin Cumming
4th Sheiks Artifacts and Marge Sheldon
5th  Charmed By Chance and Ashley Duke
Bareback Pleasure
2nd  Nevertoomuchchocolate and Megan Hasemann’
3rd  Teddy and Kerry Miller
4th Kids Double Joe and Cheyenne Jones
1st Magellen and Chanielle McLaren
2nd  Cool Down Papa and DeLynn Uttech
1st Adrienne Markle and The Top Shelf
2nd  Sir Elegance and Cara Wolf
3rd  Son’s First Glance and Rachel Cummings
4th Showboat’s Gambler and Jocelle Davaust
3 Gaited/Park
1st Count and Ashley Duke
2nd Undalata’s Health Nut and Taylor Bernstein
3rd  Uptown New Yorker and Erin Cumming
English Pleasure:
1st Just Special and Megan Hulse
2nd Timeline and Adrienne Markle
3rd  Sir Elegance and Cara Wolf
Academy Walk Trot
1st Neon Deon and Kerry Miller
2nd Sons First Glance and Cordy Brannon
1st Magellan and Jessica Rauls
2nd  Count and Haley Upton





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