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Children's school receives letter from White House

March 3, 2015

Elementary students at Stephens College Children’s School got a surprise in the mailbox last week when they received a letter from the White House.

The students had written President Barack Obama earlier with concerns about whale hunting in Japan. A student had researched the topic as an independent inquiry project and presented information to the class, asking his classmates to sign a letter to the president.


In his response, Obama thanked the children for taking the time to write and encouraged them to also consider helping animals in their own community.

“It is up to all of us to be good stewards of the world we live in,” he wrote. “One thing that means is we need to do everything we can to protect wildlife and its habitat. It also means taking good care of animals in our own neighborhoods—especially those that still need loving homes.”

Letters from children, the president continued, “give me great hope that we can meet those responsibilities.”

The package included autographed photos of the Obama family.

It marked the end of a good month for the children’s school, which has also just been named one of the most-loved preschools by Hulafrog Columbia.

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