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Talk Like a Pirate Day sparks writing event

September 20, 2014

Talk_like_a_pirate_dayStephens College celebrated international Talk Like a Pirate Day today with a lunchtime event that celebrated the unique vernacular.
English and creative writing majors joined film, theatre and other students during Write Like a Pirate Day for a costume contest, haiku readings and ahoy-themed stories.
Associate Professor Kate Berneking Kogut created the writing-themed event several years ago to give students an opportunity to write using a somewhat unfamiliar language. Students wrote haikus in advance, and five were selected to read them during the event.
Write Like a Pirate Day also challenges groups of students to write pirate stories in a short amount of time. Each member of the group contributed a line or two to the story without being able to read what previous members wrote. The idea is to promote stream-of-consciousness writing.
“Too often we focus on self-editing,” Kogut said. “The idea is to not worry about figuring out what comes next in a story and to just go with the flow.”

International Talk Like a Pirate Day was started by two men in 1995 and became an international sensation after columnist Dave Berry wrote about it in the early 2000s.





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