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Equestrian students head to National Charity Horse Show in St. Louis

September 22, 2014

Five equestrian students are headed to St. Louis today to compete at the National Charity Horse Show.
“This is an A-rated show for us, so it’s a pretty big deal,” Assistant Professor Kelly Hulse said. “Riders will come from all over the U.S.”
The show supports and highlights St. Louis-area charities. This year, the show is supporting Stray Rescue of St. Louis, which rescues abused, neglected animals, and Therapeutic Horsemanship.
Stephens is participating in the Saddlebred Week half of the two-week show. Students competing are: senior Cara Wolf showing A Silver Charm; senior Taylor Bernstein showing Undalattas Health Nut; freshman Gabby Zimmerman showing Sir Steve; freshman Rachel Cummings showing Just Special; and sophomore Erin Cummings showing Cool Down Papa.
“These are experienced horses,” Hulse said. “Four out of five are former World Champions or Reserve World Champions. And our students have been practicing since school started.
Hulse said she's optimistic about Stephens' performance at the show.

“I feel like at this level of competition if we come home with ribbons, I’ll be thrilled,” she said. “I think these ladies will represent Stephens well.”

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