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Thompson article to be published in French Historical Studies

October 1, 2014

Mark Thompson, an associate professor of liberal arts, has had an article accepted for publication in French Historical Studies, the leading journal on the history of France. The paper explores French decisions and motivations during the Indochina War following World War II.
“The French were concerned about their status,” Thompson said. “Britain and the U.S. were forming a strong alliance, and France was worried about being a member of that club.”
The article also looks at France’s failed troop surge and the political consequences of war.
“The big take-away has less to do with France and more to do with considerations elsewhere,” he said. “Think about American involvement in war and if it’s not going well, why are we still there? We have to think beyond the battleground. It’s hard to get out of war. So this is a cautionary tale.”
Thompson presented an abbreviated version of the article at a conference in Charleston two years ago. The chairman of the panel was the editor of the journal and suggested Thompson expand on his ideas and submit an article.
“I’m very excited about it; it’s a big achievement for me,” he said.

Thompson, who teaches history and the sophomore core courses (Government and Economics and Global Village), started at Stephens as a Sara Jane Johnson Scholar and expressed gratitude for her investment in faculty.

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