"The Sisterhood Archives" takes listeners back...

The English + Creative Writing program is proud to announce the release of Season 1 of their highly anticipated audio drama, "The Sisterhood Archives: Secrets of Our Times." Available now on Spotify and YouTube, the series promises to captivate audiences with its thrilling blend of history, mystery, and time travel.

"The Sisterhood Archives: Secrets of Our Times" follows the adventures of three Stephens College students, Casey, Franki, and Eden, who accidentally discover a time-travel key that transports them to the Stephens campus in 1968. Each episode is a meticulously crafted narrative that combines historical intrigue with the personal growth and challenges faced by the characters.


Episode Summaries

Episode 1: The Discovery

While researching for a Women's Studies paper, Casey, Franki, and Eden stumble upon a mysterious key in a janitor’s closet. Unbeknownst to them, this key possesses the extraordinary ability to send them back in time. Their adventure begins as they find themselves unexpectedly transported to the Stephens College campus in the year 1968.

Episode 2: The Return Attempt

Desperate to return to their own time, the trio navigates the unfamiliar world of the late 1960s. As they encounter recognizable faces in this past era, they locate the magical key again. However, their journey back to 2023 is thwarted when one of them is left behind, adding a layer of urgency and drama to their quest.

Episode 3: Stuck in the Past

Now stuck in 1968, Casey befriends a contemporary student grappling with a significant problem. Meanwhile, back in 2023, Franki and Eden are faced with the daunting task of figuring out how to retrieve Casey without raising suspicions from the janitor or Dr. Peterson, their formidable professor.

Episode 4: The Protest

As Casey delves deeper into 1968, she enlists Franki and Eden's help to solve Susie’s problem, the student she befriended. Their mission becomes more complicated when Susie vanishes amidst a Vietnam War protest. The trio must rely on the limited connections they have in 1968 to find Susie and bring her to safety.

Episode 5: Coming Clean

After a tumultuous journey, Casey, Franki, and Eden manage to return to 2023. They decide to come clean to the janitor and Dr. Peterson about their extraordinary time-traveling experiences, leading to an unexpected reaction. The episode concludes with the trio successfully completing their history project, having learned valuable lessons from their adventures.


A Unique Blend of History and Fantasy

"The Sisterhood Archives: Secrets of Our Times" offers a unique listening experience, merging the allure of historical settings with the excitement of fantasy elements. The series is a testament to the creative talents of the Stephens College English + Creative Writing program, showcasing their ability to engage listeners through compelling storytelling and dynamic character development.


Available Now

Listeners can dive into the first season on Spotify and YouTube. Don’t miss out on this intriguing journey through time, friendship, and history with "The Sisterhood Archives: Secrets of Our Times."

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