The Simulation Center at Boone Health is a state-of-the-art simulated nursing unit for Stephens College students.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing students learn and practice in a former patient care unit converted into The Learning Center at Boone Health. The center includes classrooms as well as a simulated nursing unit, which houses four patient care rooms equipped with the same high quality medical equipment used in the hospital. The simulation lab's location in the hospital engages students directly in the clinical setting.

The collaborative goal of Stephens College and Boone Nursing is to immerse student nurses in the hospital setting from the beginning of their program. We teach, engage and develop strong clinical nurses who will become the future of the nursing profession.

The use of patient simulations is a highly effective instructional strategy. It provides an opportunity for students to practice critical thinking, clinical decision making, and psychomotor skills in a controlled and low stakes environment."

Janel Schnieders, manager of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness at Boone Health

Becoming a nurse takes selective skills and talents coupled with compassion, hard work and excellent customer service. Immersing students in the clinical setting early on allows them to identify if nursing is a personal fit.

Monica Smith, MSN, RN, NE-BC, FACHE, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer at Boone Health

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