Students that study communication design at Stephens are given the opportunity to create all different kinds of communication.

Kya is a junior majoring in Communication Design. She plans to work doing graphics, web design, socials, or anything in that area for a small company.

She appreciates the endless possibilities that are available through the Comm Design program. Every single brand and company has the ability to employ a comm design major. It is a broad major that gives students the opportunity to explore many fields.

Stephen’s Life might be a class, but it feels like more of a job to her. Kya says that Stephens Life is an amazing experience and gives her a good idea of what it’s like to be in the magazine industry. She has learned a lot that has helped her prepare for a career as a designer, business professional, or many other possibilities.

Kya refers to Stephens as “small and personable,” allowing students to have a different experience than those at large universities. Students can form close relationships with one another, enabling them to work collaboratively or alone. Their work gives students an extensive portfolio that sets them apart from others.

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