"Hugh Stephens Library is a mid-century gem." -Stephen Bybee, President, Columbia Historic Preservation Commission

The Hugh Stephens Resource Library, located at 1200 E. Broadway and owned by Stephens College, was named a 2024 Most Notable Property by the City of Columbia and the Historic Preservation Committee. This accolade solidifies its status as a historic landmark and a symbol of educational innovation.

Constructed in 1964, the library stands as a striking example of modern architecture and progressive learning principles. Designed by Murphy & Mackey, a prominent St. Louis architectural firm renowned for their visionary projects (like the geodesic Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Gardens), the library's structure embodies the ethos of its era, blending form and function seamlessly. It is part of the larger James Wood Quadrangle, a collection of innovative educational buildings constructed at the same time by the same architects.

The honor bestowed upon the Hugh Stephens Resource Library is a testament to its enduring significance in the community. Beyond its architectural splendor, the library has served as a beacon of knowledge, fostering intellectual curiosity and academic excellence for decades.

This recognition not only celebrates the architectural merit of the building but also acknowledges its role as a cultural and educational cornerstone. As it continues to inspire generations of scholars and enthusiasts, the Hugh Stephens Library remains a cherished asset to Columbia, Stephens College, and beyond.

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