The films of two first-year Stephens College students, Rosey Howell ’23 (pictured left) and Hope Daugherty ’23 (pictured right) will be featured in this Saturday’s True/False Gimme Truth! film competition at the international True/False Film Festival in Columbia. The popular annual event, which is sold out at the Blue Note, is billed by the festival as “America’s favorite documentary game show.” Gimme Truth! challenges the festival audience and a panel of contestants to determine the “truthiness” of two-minute documentaries. Films must be entirely true or entirely false.  

“Selection into Gimme Truth! is a big honor,” said Chase Thompson ’17 M.F.A., associate professor of digital filmmaking at Stephens. “Both films are exceptional and range from hilarious to terrifying.” 

“My film is about waking up during surgery and being able to hear and feel everything going on,” Howell said. “My experience here at Stephens has brought my creative juices out as well as made me feel a level of comfort to share my thoughts and stories, especially through the art of filmmaking. I probably never would’ve thought about bringing such a topic to light without the support I feel here at this school.”

“My film is about getting a flat tire and what happens when a cop comes to help,” Daugherty said. “The people here at Stephens are all incredible and truly believe in every individual’s ability. If it wasn’t for my friends, faculty and classmates, I wouldn’t have been able to be so open and creative with my projects. It’s a wonderful environment to branch out and try new things.” 

Stephens students have consistently performed well in the Gimme Truth! competition. Last year, three student films were selected and two Stephens students earned awards at Gimme Truth! in 2018. 

“This is just another example of how Stephens provides hands-on opportunities to students as early as their first semester on campus,” said Dr. Leslie Willey, vice president for academic affairs. “Our students are incredibly creative and our faculty encourage them to explore their creativity in a real-world environment. Gimme Truth! is a wonderful opportunity for them to share their work with both the local community and documentary film fans from around the world.”


About Gimme Truth!

A fan favorite at the True/False Film Festival (held each year in Columbia, Missouri), Gimme Truth! is a documentary-based game show, hosted by Brian Babylon and featuring an array of doc-world celebrity judges. Local filmmakers attempt to stump the judges/contestants with their short doc style videos that are entirely true or entirely false. All films need to be two minutes and made by people who live in Missouri. Learn more.


About the Stephens College Digital Filmmaking program

The Stephens College Digital Filmmaking program is focused on hands-on real-world learning. Students begin working with professional film equipment their very first semester. Students learn to write, produce and direct original films while also working alongside fellow filmmakers to produce films together. Students graduate with a professional body of work and the confidence and knowledge to ensure their voices are heard. Explore the program:

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