Stephens College fashion students showcased their designs for their Breaking the Pattern program during First Friday in downtown Columbia. 

Breaking the Pattern was created by Stephens College in 2005 for breast health awareness. The program encourages students to interact with breast cancer survivors and create fashion that is intended to promote breast health.  In a 10-day time frame, students interview a breast cancer survivor, visualize a design, and construct an attention-grabbing, original garment using only “non-apparel” materials and no more than $50. 

Fashion Design and Product Development major Ambria Maddox was inspired after hearing stories from breast cancer survivors. The sophomore wanted her dress to represent the stories of survivors and bring awareness to the cause and facts of breast cancer.

Maddox was able to tell the stories of survivors and those who have passed from breast cancer through pink copy paper, including images of survivors, facts, statistics, and articles. To symbolize hardships that patients face while going through radiation, she added a silver wire and beads to represent burns that occur from the treatment. The dried flowers on the dress are in remembrance of lives that have been lost to breast cancer. 

Dresses designed by Fashion students will be on display through October 25, 2022, at Orr Street Gallery, Curations573 and Serendipity. 

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