Stephens College would like to congratulate graduate Lori Erickson, who is also the Vice President of Casting at CBS, for winning an award for her CBS Leadership Pipeline Challenge.

The CBS Leadership Pipeline Challenge focuses on non-profits, pushing storytellers to be creative for a good cause. The challenge's mission is to empower early-career storytellers to step into leadership positions.

Participants are challenged to form teams of five and pitch short film ideas to local nonprofits, and the film must be centered around the nonprofits’ missions. The teams are given a $5,000 budget to make their film in three weeks.

The results from the challenge have allowed it to win an Anthem Award. They received Silver in a category that honors initiatives created by for-profit organizations that seek to improve an organization’s work environment, company culture or overall business strategy or work that addresses an organization’s social, economic, and environmental impact and enacts positive change.

In the first and second years of the challenge, eight nonprofits have received short films and $320,000 in donations. Not only did the nonprofits gain success from the challenge, but individuals participating did as well. They won festivals, were hired in writers’ rooms, were promoted to executive positions, and landed jobs in their field.


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