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Clubs and Networks

Throughout the country, Clubs and Networks welcome alumnae from all graduating classes. 

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Interested in starting a Club or a Network? Learn the differences and how to register your group below. 



A Club is a formally registered group. Each Club has a mission, leadership committee and a set of by-laws. Alumnae Clubs are chartered affiliate organizations that operate under the non-profit status of the Stephens College Alumnae Association. 

The purpose of a Club is to bring alumnae together, to reconnect with the College and with each other. There are no fees to become a Club. However, there is an annual registration process.

Clubs receive more support from the College. Alumnae Association Board Regional Directors serve as liaisons to provide additional resources. Within the parameters set forth by the Alumnae Association by-laws, Clubs are able to open and manage their own bank accounts and use the Stephens College tax ID.

Benefits of forming a Club:

  • One event mailing per year provided by the College
  • One event box with materials to help you with your event
  • Social media assistance
  • A list of alumnae in your area at any time throughout the year

Requirements of Club status:

  • Submit an annual report which includes the following:
    • Roster of officers and members with current contact information
    • By-laws
    • Upcoming events report
    • Financial report of the Club
    • Post-event report(s)


A Network is a collection of alumnae who come together to engage with other Stephens College alumnae and reconnect with the College. Like Clubs, Networks are organized around a geographic region and the common interests of the group, allowing alumnae to meet in a variety of social settings. 

As a less formal alternative to the Club model, Networks are not required to submit annual registration documents or to have an organized leadership structure. This allows alumnae volunteers to spend their energy creatively, focusing on programming without having to submit the paperwork. However, these groups are not considered non-profits and do not receive as much support from the College as a Club. 

Benefits of forming a Network:

  • Annual list of alumnae in your area
  • AAB Regional Director liaison to provide resources 
  • Great for newer, smaller or less active groups of alumnae 

Register your group now. 

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