In memory of Jean Muir and Howard Ashley

Sara Crosby graduated from Stephens in 1976 (BFA, Theatre). She currently serves on the Stephens College Board of Trustees. This scholarship provides up to $2,200 for students undertaking international academic programs, international internships, or international volunteer work. It is available to second-semester sophomores, junior and seniors in any Stephens degree program. To qualify, students must have a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.25 or higher and demonstrated financial need. At the time of application, students must be well prepared to travel abroad, having identified an appropriate international program and made a realistic financial plan.


Application Deadlines

  • For Spring 2022 travel: Friday, Oct. 22, 2021
  • For Summer and Fall 2022 travel: Friday, Feb. 11, 2022


Selection Process

Interviews will be conducted shortly after application deadlines. The interview committee will consist of the director of Financial Aid and the faculty Study Abroad Committee members. The Study Abroad Coordinator will attend the interviews, but will not vote.

If for any reason the awardee elects not to go abroad, the runner-up applicant may be awarded the scholarship, or the committee may decide not to award the scholarship. If after being accepted by the program provider, the awardee elects not to study abroad, the scholarship cannot be used to pay withdrawal penalty fees (these fees are the responsibility of the student).

The scholarship is not awarded until the student has been officially accepted by the program provider and has paid the application fee and the initial down-payment on the program fee.

The student who receives the scholarship will be expected to send a thank-you note to the donor within six weeks of returning to the U.S. (with a copy to the Study Abroad Coordinator).


Scholarship Application Form

Note: You must submit the Stephens College Study Abroad Application before completing the scholarship application below. Your scholarship application will not be considered until your study abroad application has been received.

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