Gifts of Stocks + Securities

Gifts of appreciated assets can be of significant benefit to the donor and to Stephens College. These gifts (long-term, appreciated) are deductible at full fair-market value and exempt from capital gains taxes if transferred directly to Stephens College.

Method #1: Your broker electronically transfers street-name stock via DTC #0221, A/C#LL-23978-IS, A/C of Stephens College, care of UBS PaineWebber.

Method #2: Call (800) 245-0900 or (503) 221-5856 and speak with John Schlendorf at UBS PaineWebber.


Gifts from Retirement Funds

  • Designate Stephens College as the beneficiary of a retirement account. 

  • IRA distributions can be made directly from your IRA to Stephens College.

    • Make a gift of your required mandatory distribution from an IRA (age 70 1/2 or over through 2019, age 72 going forward).
    • The SECURE Act set into effect as of Jan. 1, 2020, that the beginning date required mandatory distributions for IRAs will be age 72.
    • You can continue to make Qualified Charitable Distributions at age 70 1/2.
    • Make the gift to Stephens College before Dec. 31 each year.
    • Up to $100,000 of which may be helpful during income tax preparation.
    • Please consult with your professional advisers to discuss your specific situation.
  • The CARES Act expands tax deductions for charitable giving for 2020. 
    • If you itemize your cash gift deductions, you may deduct up to the entire amount of your adjusted gross income (AGI) for cash gifts you make in 2020 (not the 60% limitation that would otherwise apply).
    • Noncash gifts are subject to lower AGI limitations and you may still be able to take advantage of carryforwards from previous year gifts as well as 2020 gifts.
    • Corporate cash gift deductions have also been temporarily increased from 10% of taxable income to 25%.
  • Making your gift from retirement funds can offer significant tax and planning advantages by withdrawing funds yourself and taking an offsetting deduction in the same tax year, or by making a qualified charitable distribution. Either method counts toward required minimum distribution requirements and gets assets out of the estate.


Planned Giving for your Legacy

Anyone who notifies Stephens that the College is named as a beneficiary of a gift through estate planning, or through a planned gift during their lifetime, is recognized for their legacy gift. 

Many alumnae have included Stephens in their estate plans.

Contact the gift planning team at [email protected] to help you secure your legacy and Stephens College’s future.


Even More Options

Contact our office at (573) 876-7110 or [email protected] to learn more about any of the options for giving to Stephens:

  • Matching Gifts. Take advantage of employer matching gifts. You can make a one-time gift or set up a monthly/annual recurring gift and secure matching gifts through your employer or that of your spouse or partner.
  • Set up or give to a scholarship fund.
  • Support the Stephens Fund with AmazonSmile. A portion of your shopping will go to Stephens. Get started now >
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