April 11 – May 08
Time: All Day

The 77th annual The Collections fashion presentation is here to provide a bit of normalcy in a not-so-normal time. While this won't take the form of our typical fashion shows, the same love and passion for the art of fashion that goes into each collection and show is intertwined in each garment.

This year, The Collections fashion presentation will take you on that much-needed escape "Beyond the Frame" and into an endless world of wonder that will allow you to explore whatever it is you've been yearning for within the past year. Whether you're looking for connection, a new realm of fantasy, the confidence to embrace a new adventure, or to experience the glamour of a new decade, this year's presentations will allow you to escape to those new places you've been longing for.

To celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our fashion design seniors, the fashion show production class has created a series of short films to represent the mood of each collection and introduce their creations to the world. Fashion Short Films are available now at TheCollectionsFashionShow.com.

A Virtual Gallery experience will be available on April 24 at TheCollectionsFashionShow.com.

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