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The following guidelines apply to our undergraduate residential women’s college. All graduate program students should talk to their program directors and advisers for specific information related to their programs.


How will students take classes? 

We are committed to providing the quality educational experience and engaging faculty you expect from a leader in experiential learning. Our small size means we’re flexible to meet the learning needs of all of our students.

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering all classes both in-person and online via Zoom, simultaneously. Students can choose how and where to attend depending upon their health and circumstances. We are, of course, organizing class schedules and arranging rooms and spaces to ensure appropriate social distancing and public health precautions are taken for all those choosing in-person courses.


  • Classes will be offered in-person and online.
  • Students can choose how they will learn for the semester.
  • Students can change their minds as their circumstances and health change.


When will students take classes? 

Like hundreds of other colleges and universities, we have modified our academic calendar (the schedule of when classes start and stop) to avoid the usual breaks and holidays when many people travel.

That means we will start classes as scheduled in mid-August, and hold the last day of class on Nov. 20, before Thanksgiving break. After Thanksgiving, students will take final exams or make final presentations online/via Zoom during the first week in December.


  • Classes begin Aug. 25.
  • Finals will be held Nov. 30-Dec. 4 (finals will be online only).
  • Residence halls will remain open until Dec. 5.


What will living in a residence hall look like? 

Stephens has established protocols to ensure a safe, healthy living environment; this will include enhanced sanitizing procedures including daily bathroom and common space cleaning schedules. Protocols will reflect CDC guidelines. Details are provided in the Fall 2020 Student Handbook.

Returning students can start moving into campus residence halls on Sunday, Aug. 16. New student move-in and orientation will take place on Friday, Aug. 21. Student Development can help you with housing needs and questions at (573) 876-7212 or [email protected].


  • Returning students can start moving into campus residence halls on Sunday, Aug. 16 (see Fall 2020 Student Handbook for details).
  • New student move-in and orientation will take place on Friday, Aug. 21.
  • Students are expected to review and follow the protocols and practices in the Fall 2020 Student Handbook.


What about campus dining? 

Best practices suggest that cafeteria-style food service — where diners are sharing utensils, self-serving from the same food stations, and spending time in close proximity to each other — is not the best way to eat healthy. That’s why we’re moving this fall to more of the “pick-up and delivery” model. We’ll still have the same variety of menu offerings and food types to choose from, but you’ll order your food online and our kitchen team will pack it up for you in disposable (recyclable) containers, for pickup or delivery. That doesn’t mean you can’t decide to pick up your food and sit down with friends to eat in the Student Union (parts of which will also be transformed into a second dining room) or the Pit or the dining room; it just means you have a choice about that.


  • Protocols will be in place to minimize self-service and social distancing (see Dining section of Fall 2020 Student Handbook).
  • Students will have many options for to-go, delivery or social distanced seating.
  • Food options and quality will continue to be high priorities; our new chef is excited to provide enhanced dining options even as we change service protocols.


What happens if somebody gets sick? 

We have established clear and safe protocols to quarantine, isolate, house and support any student who has been diagnosed with or has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. We’re developing a partnership with Boone Medical Center Hospital to help our students access health care services as needed, and we’ll work closely with you and your family as you decide where and how you want to quarantine, isolate or recover. This also means that we can isolate students from the general residence hall population as needed to protect those not exposed.


  • We will work with our partner, Boone Medical Center Hospital, to help our students access health care services (see Health Care Plan brochure for details). 
  • We have residence halls reserved for COVID-related quarantine or isolation should the need develop. (See Fall 2020 Student Handbook for isolation and quarantine options and responsibilities.)
  • Protocols are in place to ensure your safety.


Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a thousand questions about how things will work in specific scenarios, and you can find the answers here. 




The rapidly changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic requires that we remain both attentive and flexible: As conditions and best practices change, so will our protocols, policies and processes. Please continue to check back here for any revisions or updates. 

Last updated Aug. 13, 2020

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