Starkle Dream Up. Stephens College


What We Do

We believe children should be active learners who have a variety of opportunities to test ideas in real-world situations. We're able to do that by partnering with our collegiate-level colleagues on the Stephens College campus. 

We provide an arts-infused education and authentic learning experiences. We go beyond helping children learn and recall information; we challenge them to actively use what they've learned in the classroom to ensure they understand what they've learned and why it's important.

Our curriculum and classroom activities are designed to promote independence, problem solving, creativity and critical thinking. These are life skills that are fostered and deepened with the inclusion of the arts and sciences.

CSSC began as an experimental nursery school in 1925. Our mission is to provide college students opportunities for direct experiences with children, while providing children from the community with solid, research-based instruction by professors, certified teachers and college student assistants.  

School Highlights:

  • Integration of arts and sciences throughout the curriculum
  • Opportunities to work with Stephens College faculty and programs
  • Hands-on holistic approach focused on social, emotional and intellectual development
  • Students are groups by ability in multi-aged classrooms
  • Technology used as a tool to support teaching and learning
  • One-on-one learning and evaluation
  • Before- and after-school care available¬†

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