The following benefits are available to full-time employees (full-time is classified as a minimum 3/4 time or 1560 hours per year) with exception of workers' compensation, which is available to all employees. All employees and recognized volunteers are covered under workers' compensation.

Benefits are subject to change.



  • Health Insurance provider is Cigna.

  • Stephens College and the employee share the premium cost*.

  • There are two plan options: Preferred Physician Organizations (PPO) or High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

    • HDHP combines with a Health Savings Account (HSA) to offer tax-favored savings that can help pay the deductible.

    • Stephens College will contribute $750 per calendar year to an employee’s HSA account to help offset high deductible costs. The contribution amount will be prorated based on a new employee’s insurance effective date. These contributions will be made monthly once enrollment in the HDHP and the HSA has begun.


Dental + Vision Insurance

  • Insurance provider is Delta.

  • The employee pays 100% of the premium (refer to the Health Insurance Premium Schedule for rates).


Voluntary Life Insurance

  • Guaranteed coverage up to $150,000. Max coverage $300,000.

  • Spouse benefit is 50%.

  • Child benefit is 10% max to $10,000.

  • If the benefit is initially waived, an evidence of insurability will be required to obtain coverage at a later date.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • EAP is a confidential assessment, short-term counseling and referral service.
  • Provides direction to troubled employees and their families.
  • No cost to employees.
  • Provided by Boone Health's Employee Assistance Program.

To access services, call (573) 815-6034 or (877) 327-0327. 

For more information, download the Boone EAP flyer or visit


Supplemental Retirement Annuity

  • Any time during employment, employees may enter into a written agreement with the College to make contributions to a retirement account with TIAA-CREF (Teachers Insurance Annuity Association-College Retirements Equities Fund).
  • Employee contributions are made under Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code and are applied to individual accounts issued to each participant by the retirement company.

  • Employees must complete an enrollment form and a salary reduction agreement.


Flexible Spending Accounts

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) creates a tax break for dependent or health care expenses.

  • Dependent care expenses typically include child or day care, but can also include care for older dependents.

  • Health care expenses include those that are not covered or partially covered by your medical, dental, or vision insurance plans.

    • Note: If employee elects the HDHP for their medical coverage then Health Care Flex Plan must be of limited scope, which excludes any medical expenses.

  • Enrollment occurs upon employment or during the yearly open enrollment.

  • An employee must re-enroll each calendar year in order to retain the benefit.

  • $500 of the enrolled amount may be rolled over to the next calendar year if it has not been used.

  • A waiver must be signed if an employee does not wish to participate in the program.

  • All administrative costs for this program are borne by Stephens College.


Faculty/Staff Grant

  • Benefit begins six months after an employee’s hire date.

  • Students must meet all admission requirements at the time of application. Enrollment is contingent upon available space in the course(s) requested.

  • Tuition is waived at 100% for full-time students and 80% for part-time students. All other expenses associated with enrollment are the sole responsibility of the employee. This includes: fees, lab expenses, books, and other miscellaneous expenses.

  • Students are required to submit application materials for federal and state aid. Should the student receive federal or state financial aid, the amount awarded will replace the tuition waiver up to the amount of other aid received.

  • Full-time students must live on campus and have a meal plan. All room, board, and incidental fees will be charged and a payment is required.

  • Students may receive the tuition waiver for up to eight (8) semesters of full-time equivalent enrollment.

  • The employee must remain employed at Stephens College while enrolled in classes.

  • If an employee resigns or is terminated for any reason, the tuition waiver will continue only until the end of the semester that the termination occurred.

  • If an employee retires, becomes permanently disabled, or dies and his/her dependent has not yet matriculated, the dependent may receive a tuition waiver. Provided that enrollment occurs within five (5) years of the employee’s documented retirement. Subsequent dependents may not receive the waiver.

  • All tuition waivers are subject to the tax laws applicable at the time of the waiver. This benefit may be taxable fringe benefit to the employee.


Employee Tuition Grant

To encourage the personal development of employees, Stephens College provides a waiver of tuition costs for classes taken at the College through the graduate and online programs.

This benefit will begin based on the employee’s first day of employment per the chart below:

First day of work Wait Semester Tuition-Benefit Semester

Feb. 1 – June 9



June 10 – August 31



Sept. 1 – Jan. 31




This program is subject to the following conditions:

  • Employees must apply for admission and be accepted through graduate and online programs. Enrollment will be contingent upon available space in the course(s) requested.
  • Tuition for employees enrolling through the graduate and online programs will be waived at 100%. All other expenses associated with enrollment are the sole responsibility of the employee. This includes fees, lab expenses, and books.
  • Employees may not exceed part-time student status in any given semester. Part-time will be defined as six (6) credit hours in one semester or summer session.
  • Employees must obtain approval from their supervisors prior to enrollment. Employee's work load and presence on the job to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the department will be taken into full consideration by supervisor.
  • If a course requires an employee to be away from work during his/her regularly scheduled shift, the employee is to make prior arrangements with his/her supervisor to make up lost work time.
  • If an employee resigns or is terminated for any reason, the tuition waiver will continue only until the end of the session in which the termination occurred.
  • Spouses/domestic partners of employees are eligible to enroll in courses offered through the graduate and online programs for this benefit when space permits. The College discounts 80% of the cost of tuition, provided no other tuition reimbursement program is available. All other expenses associated with enrollment are the sole responsibility of the student. This includes fees, lab expenses and books.


CIC-TEP + Tuition Exchange

The College participates in two exchange programs that allow dependents of employees to attend other colleges in the Exchange Program at discounted tuition rates or possibly tuition free.


AFLAC Supplemental Insurance

  • AFLAC offers a variety of supplemental insurance plans to our employees.

  • The supplemental plans offered are Short-Term Disability Insurance, Accident Insurance, Cancer Insurance, and Personal Recovery Insurance.

  • Insurance is portable. An employee may continue participation after they are no longer employed with Stephens College.

  • Participation is voluntary and employees pay 100% of the premium.

  • There is no waiting period for these benefits.


Children's School at Stephens College 

Employees receive a 50% discount for the programs below:

  • Early Childhood Education Program: Offers preschool-aged children a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate curriculum for children ages 3-5.

  • Stephens Elementary School: Offers an independent program (K-5) taught by experienced certified teachers and Stephens College education majors as assistants.

For tuition rates and an application form, please visit The Children's School at Stephens College.


Miscellaneous Benefits

The following miscellaneous benefits are currently available to employees and are subject to restrictions and limitations that may be imposed by the college from time to time.


Campus Discounts

  • Admission for cultural events sponsored by Stephens College.

  • 10% discount at Susie’s – located in Stamper Commons.

  • Use of Stephens College Library (with faculty/staff ID).

  • Microsoft Office 365 – Sign in with faculty/staff email address at and download the suite. (Access is available for the duration of employment with Stephens College.)

Wellness Discounts

  • Mizzou Student Rec Complex
  • Wilsons Total Fitness
  • Free use of Stephens outdoor tennis courts

Employees are encouraged to participate in and continue their professional development while employed by Stephens College. Approval of a college sponsored membership in an appropriate professional organization will be the responsibility of the employee's supervisor.


Benefits After One Year

Note: The appropriate paperwork must be completed to receive these one-year benefits.


Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

  • Life and ADD Insurance provider is Sun Life Financial.

  • The benefit provides basic life coverage in the amount of 150% of your annual salary, to a maximum of $250,000.

  • This benefit is provided at no cost to the employee.

  • If the benefit exceeds $50,000, the coverage amount becomes a taxable benefit.


Long-Term Disability (LTD)

  • LTD insurance provider is Sun Life Financial and is available to employees on an optional basis.

  • The cost of this benefit is shared by Stephens College and the employee.

  • After an employee becomes disabled, coverage begins on day 181.

  • If the benefit is initially waived, an evidence of insurability will be required to obtain coverage at a later date.


Retirement Program

  • The College will make monthly contributions to the Retirement Program in an amount equal to 2% of the employee’s base salary.

  • Contributions are applied to individual accounts issued to employees by TIAA-CREF.

  • An employee must be employed for at least one year to receive the additional 2% contributed by Stephens College.

  • The one-year service requirement will be waived if the employee had been employed by any institution of higher education for a 12-month period, immediately preceding employment at Stephens College.

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