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Applying to Stephens: Let's get started. 

Undergraduate Residential Women's College Application Process, Policies and Deadlines 

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Application Process

There are five simple steps to applying to Stephens.

Step 1: Fill out our online application and tell us more about you.

Step 2: Make sure to submit your official high school transcript. Your school guidance counselor can help you with that.

Step 3: Submit your official ACT or SAT results. Our ACT code is 2374. Our SAT I code is 6683.

Step 4: Should you receive an acceptance letter, you’ll then be asked to submit your deposit.  

Deadlines and Timelines

Stephens uses a rolling admissions review process, which means it is never too early or late to apply. However, we do look at deposit date when it's time to make housing and other assignments, so we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible. We’ll always take the time to thoroughly review your application, and provide a timely response.

Scholarship Application 

The information you provide on your application will be automatically reviewed for scholarship eligibility. 98%  of all Stephens students receive some form of financial aid. Other options are also available. See financial aid

Admissions Information 

Consistent with our mission, admission and continued enrollment in our undergraduate residential women’s college is restricted exclusively to women, including students who are legally identified as female and who self-identify as women; students who document an ongoing transition to female and who self-identify as women; and students who are legally identified as female but do not fit within the gender binary. The program will not admit or enroll students who self-identify as men or who are transitioning to male. The policy will go into effect for students admitted or readmitted beginning in the fall of 2019. Last updated October 2018. 

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