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Design a major as unique as you are.

Maybe you have so many interests you can’t pick just one. At Stephens, we understand. That’s why we offer the opportunity to design your own major. We’ll show you how to invent a unique future for yourself, one grounded on a solid academic foundation.


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Why choose a self-initiated major?

Students who want the flexibility to pursue course­work across multiple disciplines — while maintaining a focus on career and professional goals — will find a self-initiated major is the perfect fit. Choosing to design your own major also demonstrates the kind of creativity, commitment and critical thinking that employers are looking for today.


Highly personalized advising

When you choose to create your own major, you’ll be paired with an adviser who will help you put together the courses you need to achieve your goals. With a solid foundation and a broad academic background, you’ll graduate with a degree that can take you places.


College-to-career benefits

Our college-to-career program is a non-academic graduation requirement that provides the grounding students need to excel in any field. Profes­sional development workshops and personalized, one-on-one counseling begin in the first semester. This foundation helps ensure that your self-initiated major balances academic exploration with a solid career plan.

Stephens’ extensive alumnae network, as well as partnerships with local businesses, provide opportunities to access internships and first jobs in a variety of fields.


Your path, your way

Flexibility. Challenge. Opportunity. There are many reasons to design your own major. Self-initiated majors have opportunities to:

  • Expand on your existing talents and discover new strengths
  • Create a customized degree plan to graduate in four years
  • Build internships and study abroad into your personal plan
  • Be inspired by courses from lots of different programs
  • Develop a unique capstone project around your interests and goals
How many times has someone asked you what are you going to major in in college? Maybe you don’t have an answer that feels right to you. We have the solution for students who don’t want to limit themselves: the self-initiated major. And we have the advisers to make sure you create a career-focused program, too.”
Dr. Trish Parsons, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

To learn more about the program, see the SIM Curriculum Catalog description.

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