Degree Level:
Bachelor of Science

This broad-based major prepares students for graduate programs in disciplines related to human medicine or research.

The Integrative Human Biology major provides an interdisciplinary understanding of human health and disease from biological, psychological, societal and developmental perspectives.


Program Features

  • Receive a solid foundation in health science, psychology, biology and human development
  • Focus on human health, disease and wellness
  • Investigate the interaction and impact of biology, behavior and environment on human health and disease
  • Recognize the changes in human health and behavior that occur across the lifespan of human development
  • Identify how gender, physical ability, age, nationality, sexual identity and socioeconomic status may lead to disparities in health
  • Work with faculty advisers to fine-tune your course selection to meet your specific goals
  • Build your body of work with leadership experiences; small classes support your academic growth


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Your faculty adviser will help you develop a course plan that aligns with your post-graduate and professional goals.

Major Requirements (33 credits):

BIO 112: Inquiry Based Learning in the Life Sciences (3*) Gen-Ed Science Array

BIO 181: Principles of Biology I (3)

BIO 181L: Principles of Biology I Lab (1)

PSY 111: Introduction to Psychology (3)

EDU 114: Lifespan Development (3)

MAT 207: Statistics (3)

BIO 320: A&P I (4)

BIO 321: A&P II (4)

BIO 493: Capstone – Integrative Project (3)

*Natural Science


Lower-Level Integrative Course: Choose one of the following 3 courses (additional would count toward elective credits in the major):

BHS 275: Health Psychology (3)

BHS 212: Health Behavior (3)

BHS 220: Principles of Public Health (3)


Upper-Level Integrative Course: Choose one of the following 3 courses (additional would count toward elective credits in the major):

PSY 430: Biological Psychology (3)

EXS 432: Exercise Physiology (3)

BHS 426: Epidemiology and Health Disparities (3)

Total 33 credits


Electives: (21-25 credits)

BHS 110: Stress Management (3)

BHS 117: Careers in Health & Helping Prof (1)

BIO 182: Principles of. Biology II (4)

BIO 201: Human Movement Science (3)

BIO 290: Genetics (4)

BIO 247: Essentials of Human A&P I (3)

BIO 248: Essentials of Human A&P II (3)

HIA 255: Medical Terminology (3)

BIO 292: Cell Biology (3)

PSY 345: Research Methods (3)

BHS 225: Introduction to Nutrition (3)

BHS 330: Research Methods (3)

CHM 111: General Chemistry I (3)

CHM 111L: General Chemistry I Lab (1)

CHM 112: General Chemistry II (4)

PHY 211: College Physics I (4)

PHY 212: College Physics II (4)

BIO 311: Microbiology (3)

BIO 311L: Microbiology Laboratory (1)

BIO 330: Pathophysiology (3)

NUR 330: Pharmacology (4)

NUR 410: Healthcare Policy & Advocacy (2)

BIO 410: Biochemistry (3)

CHM 341: Organic Chemistry I (4)

CHM 342: Organic Chemistry II (4)

BHS 481: Seminar in Health Sciences (3)

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