Application Process for Majors + Non-majors

Students interested in pursuing a B.S. in Equestrian Studies should complete the following:

  1. Apply to Stephens College.
  2. Submit a resume and statement of purpose, including goals within the industry, to Program Coordinator Sara Linde Patel at [email protected]. Indicate your preferred track: Equine Business or Equine Science.

Students wishing to enroll in a riding course in their first semester should complete two of the following:

  1. Visit campus and ride with the instructor in the student’s primary seat.
  2. Submit a riding video via YouTube link to Program Coordinator Sara Linde Patel at [email protected]. Before making a video, students should request the required pattern of riding for the discipline they will be demonstrating.
  3. Submit state or national show records demonstrating significant experience and success.
  4. Students who have minimal to no riding experience may enroll in EQS 110 Introduction to Equine Behavior and Handling. This course is designed to give students equine experience necessary to enroll in future riding classes.



Students wishing to enroll in a riding course must demonstrate a base-level minimum of riding experience and horse handling. For our purposes, minimum riding experience is defined as competency in the following:

  • Haltering, leading, and handling a variety of horses in daily situations including, but not limited to: vet visits, farrier appointments, first aid and turn out
  • Grooming and tacking up
  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Walking, trotting and loping/cantering independently and in a group

The Equestrian program observes a strict weight policy in which no student should weigh more than 20% of the horse’s weight. Student weight includes all horse tack. Any student entering the program with a physical requirement for a certain type or size of horse will be accommodated as much as possible. However, if the college is unable to find the appropriate horse to meet a student’s physical needs, the student may not be able to complete the program.

Students must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. without assistance and work around 1,000 lb. animals in small quarters. Therefore, students with limitations to movement, sight or hearing may find it difficult to meet all course requirements. A student must be able to gauge an animal’s body language and hear the animal coming up behind them. Students are advised to discuss their plans for entrance into this major with their family physician if they have severe allergies to hay, straw, shavings and/or other limitations or concern.

Since horses can be unpredictable in their behavior, a degree of risk is inherent in working with these animals. The student is required to sign a waiver of liability at the time of entrance into the program.

Students may need to consider cost of attire for all riding classes. They will need to supply their own helmet and attire for the discipline they ride.

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