Stephens is the first college in Missouri to offer a four-year degree in Content Creation! Content creators generate brand awareness and attract new and retain existing customers through valuable and engaging content.

To prepare tomorrow’s leaders for these opportunities, Stephens College is the first college in Missouri to offer a four-year degree in Content Creation. The Columbia, Missouri, women’s college will offer the Bachelor of Science degree starting Fall 2023. 

A content creator produces digital materials like blogs, e-books, videos, and podcasts that a brand uses to communicate to its audience. Content creators may work in-house for one company or several companies at once if employed through an agency or as a freelancer.


Duties of a content creator include: 

  • Creating and editing text, video, or audio content.
  • Developing content ideas and marketing campaigns.
  • Implementing marketing strategies.
  • Managing and creating social media content.
  • Analyzing data and metrics to determine content effectiveness. 
In earning this bachelor of science degree at Stephens College, you will:
  • Gain industry experience.
  • Build a work portfolio.
  • Earn technical certifications. 


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Today’s employers are looking for well-rounded talent who bring multiple skill sets to the table. Our Content Creation program will provide a balance of the technical and creative skills needed to be successful.
Dr. Scott Taylor, Business Administration Program Chair

The Stephens Difference

At Stephens, students learn by doing. Our student-centered learning model means students have every opportunity to dive into real-world projects and gain hands-on experience that will put you ahead of the competition.

Stephens Life Magazine

Get real experience with:
Writing and Copy Editing
Social Media Marketing Podcasting

Get a Life Podcast

Our SL podcast, Get a Life, is featured on our website and on Spotify. Get experience with audio recording, scripting, and delivery.

Creative Ink

We work with real clients at Creative Ink. In doing so, students get an authentic experience, better preparing them for the real world.

Get real experience with:
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing
Client Relations
Writing and Copy Editing

Design Collective

The Design Collective is a club that allows students of any major to be involved in creative endeavors, field trips, and social events while strengthening their design skills.


Interstellar is an online newspaper and a student club that reports on happenings at Stephens College and the greater Columbia area. Staff explores stories from a student viewpoint, showing what makes Stephens so unique.


Business - 30 hours of Business/Marketing

  • BUS 105 Business Computer Applications
  • BUS 171 Foundations of Business
  • BUS 225 Principles of Management
  • BUS 250 Principles of Marketing
  • BUS 340 Project Management
  • BUS 331 Integrated Marketing Comm
  • BUS 333 Social Media Marketing
  • BUS 345 Internet Marketing
  • BUS 354 Consumer Behavior
  • BUS490 Internship

Design - 27 Hours of Communication Design

  • COMD 110 Design Technology
  • COMD 210 Design, Media and Society
  • COMD 235 Editorial Photography
  • COMD 275 Copywriting
  • COMD 310 Website Design
  • COMD 350 Motion Design
  • COMD 494 Senior Portfolio
  • COMD 355 Creative Ink (2 semesters)

Filmmaking - 6 hours of digital film

  • DFM 125 Filmmaking I
  • DFM 210 Digital Film Editing


  • 21 hours of electives
  • General Education courses
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