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Dream. Discover. Define your future. 

Follow your dreams and discover faculty ready to encourage your goals with challenging coursework and individualized attention. Here you’ll find a culture that encourages critical thinking, values innovation, and instills a joy of learning while empowering women’s leadership and personal success.

School Highlights

Personal Attention

Small classes mean individual attention. When you question a concept, when you're ready to stretch yourself, when you're tackling something new, it's important to have faculty ready (and available) to help. Small classes also mean more leadership and research opportunities. It's the kind of environment where you can really explore what inspires you and grow as a student and (future) professional. 

Culture of Advisement 

Stephens College is known for its emphasis on one-on-one advising. Our advisors take the time to understand your goals and strengths and help you tailor a career path and course load that’s right for you. These are experienced professors with years of experience helping to guide students. For many, a internship/capstone experience in a corporate or health setting will provide even greater insights into your career and professional opportunities.  You’ll come to understand where you can best make a difference while gaining real-world professional experience.

Women’s College Commitment 

Proud to be the second oldest women’s college in the country, we take our emphasis on women seriously and that extends to not only our focus on women’s unique health issues but also on providing career and leadership opportunity to women interested in the health sciences field. Our coursework includes a unique focus on women’s issues – and our college is focused on helping you achieve your dreams. Read about Women & STEM.

Outstanding Faculty 

At Stephens, our faculty members make teaching their first priority. Professors are committed to helping students—starting their first year—discover their talents, strengthen their abilities and become the creative, confident leaders known as Stephens Women. Our professors attend and present at national and international conferences, publish and are respected experts within their fields. Some of our faculty members have also been named Fulbright Scholars. And small class sizes mean you’ll have lots of opportunities to ask questions, pursue interests and connect with faculty who care about you. Meet our faculty.

Far-Reaching Career Impact

Health-related career fields are among the nation’s fastest growing, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Occupations and industries related to healthcare are projected to add the most new jobs between 2012 and 2022. Total employment is projected to increase 10.8 percent, or 15.6 million, during the decade—making it an ideal time for graduates interested in the fields. Stephens is uniquely positioned to help all students find their way in an expanding field with many different paths, challenges, rewards and opportunities. 

Programs of Study 

  • Health Science with tracks including Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Physical TherapyPre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Chiropractic, Healthcare Management, Fitness and wellness, and Generalist tracks. 
  • Biology including Pre-Med and Pre-Vet. 

Latest News

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