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Calendar of Holidays and Religious Observances 

Stephens College recognizes holidays, traditional observances and major days of religious significance. Note that this calendar is meant to be a resource, but it is not an exhaustive list of all religious holidays. Although many of these days are not College holidays, Stephens College is a non-denominational institution of higher learning that respects all faith practices and supports diversity of all kinds.

Supervisors are encouraged to refer to this information when responding to employee requests for time off for religious purposes. In most cases, supervisors should respect employees’ requests for time off for this purpose. Supervisors with specific concerns or questions about a particular request are encouraged to contact Human Resources for guidance. Faculty are encouraged to refer to this information when developing their course syllabi and when responding to student requests for excused absence from class for religious purposes.

Please take special note of those holidays that have been designated non-work days by the religions that celebrate them. Be aware that holy days are not fixed to a calendar because many are calculated based on a lunar calendar; there may be some variance by a day. In addition, Jewish and Islamic holidays begin at sundown on the evening prior to the first date shown.

2019-2020 Calendar

2020-2021 Calendar

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