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Liberal Arts Coursework at Stephens

In addition to pursuing classes in a school and program, students enroll in liberal arts or general education courses. These courses are designed to promote critical thinking, develop strong writing skills and encourage a deeper understanding of social and personal responsibility. 

Highlights of the program include:

  • First-Year Experience, a one-semester seminar for all first-year students that provides an introduction to collegiate success, as well as service learning opportunities that promote responsible citizenship
  • Composition I and Writing Intensive Upper Level, courses aimed to develop writing skills to a mastery level
  • Sophomore Global Studies, a research and documentation module focused on a particular global theme
  • Senior Ethics, a lecture/discussion course giving you the opportunity to better understand foundational ethics through case studies 

Additionally, students choose from an array of courses in arts, literature, history, science, math, culture and women’s studies. Courses change from semester to semester but focus on engaging topics that seek to develop a deeper understanding of the subject and its impact on past, present and future. 

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