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The Liberal Arts at Stephens

Since 1833, the Stephens College curriculum has been grounded in the liberal arts. For nearly two centuries, we’ve prepared women to take on the world infused with an understanding of what it truly means to be a citizen of that world. Today, while we emphasize hands-on experiential learning, we continue to celebrate the power of a liberal arts education to complete that experience—and to graduate women who offer a well-rounded foundation for success in any field.

The goals of our programs are simple but powerful. We prepare students to:

  • Learn: Think critically. Communicate powerfully.
  • Grow: Engage for change 
  • Lead: Lead responsibly


Learning Outcomes

The Liberal Arts program at Stephens College aims to provide a women-centered, globally focused course of study that introduces students to the knowledge, skills and approaches of liberal arts disciplines. Through the Liberal Arts program, students learn to:

  • Analyze the world of creative imagination
  • Engage with literary texts
  • Describe and analyze how the past has shaped the contemporary world
  • Understand and apply the methods and language of scientific inquiry
  • Apply mathematical solutions to solve problems
  • Understand the principles fundamental to the study of girls and women
  • Gain a comparative knowledge of the world’s peoples and culture


Engaging experiences

Stephens College embraces a culture of engaged learning. That means students are engaged both inside and outside of the classroom and benefit from a well-rounded education that prepares them for the workforce and for life. Engaged learning includes internships and study abroad opportunities as well as intensives that immerse students in their discipline in a thoughtful and comprehensive way.

We have developed a comprehensive curriculum that supports the many paths, majors and goals our students pursue in the modern world, and that leads to personal and professional growth.


Leading Responsibly

Our curriculum is thoughtful and reflects our values. Everything we do is grounded in our tradition of the Ten Ideals.  

We believe in:

  • The power of a liberal arts foundation to inspire responsible citizens motivated to improve the world around them
  • Lifelong learning; we seek to cultivate a love of learning throughout all stages of life
  • The inherent advantages we can provide as a women’s college; we value our tradition of educating young women in a supportive environment focused on their unique experience   


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