Starkle Dream Up. Stephens College

Students study outside on benches.

Academic mission: the Stephens difference.

What makes Stephens different than other colleges? First, we blend hands-on, career-focused learning with a broad liberal arts education. Then, we add in the leadership opportunities unique to a women's college. Finally, we support your goals with a robust College-to-Career curriculum that begins preparing you for graduation from your first day on campus. Explore what makes us different: 

Hands-on Learning

From your first day at Stephens, you’ll have the opportunity to jump right into your program and explore your interests with hands-on projects. Here, students are engaged both inside and outside of the classroom and benefit from a well-rounded education that prepares them for the workforce and for life. Engaged learning includes internships, leadership and study abroad opportunities for a well-rounded academic experience. 

Liberal Arts Curriculum 

The goals of our curriculum are simple but powerful. We prepare students to think critically, communicate powerfully, lead responsibly and engage for change. Today, while we embrace immersive, hands-on learning experiences, we also ground all of our coursework in an understanding of our world and what it means to live in it. First-year experience courses expand learning opportunities and help students adjust to college-level curriculum. Learn more about liberal arts at Stephens

Stephens Scholars Honors Program

We encourage high-achieving students to surround themselves with like-minded thinkers. The Stephens Scholars is an honors program that provides support, challenging coursework and off-campus experiences. Stephens Scholars select from additional course options that satisfy the goals and requirements of the Liberal Arts program. Learn more about Stephens Scholars.  

Women’s College Advantage

The second-oldest women’s college in the country, Stephens is committed to educating and empowering women. Research consistently shows that graduates of all-female colleges go on to become more successful than female graduates of co-ed colleges. Read more about the Women’s College Advantage and how Stephens ensures you have ample opportunities to take advantage of this remarkable learning environment.

The Ten Ideals

At the core of the Stephens experience are The Ten Ideals. Adopted in 1921, these ideals represent the College and are Respect, Courage, Independence, Support, Sensitivity, Responsibility, Belief, Creativity, Intelligence and Leadership. Together, these ideals create a powerful culture for learning and encourage the support of academic and personal excellence. Each year, 10 students are chosen to personify each Ideal. 

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