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Letter from the President

Stephens President Dianne Lynch Since 1833, Stephens College has been educating women to become leaders in their professions and in their communities. An institution committed to creative innovation, intellectual engagement, and active citizenship, Stephens takes great pride in our ever-expanding networks of influence—from our partnerships locally, regionally and nationally to our vast community of Stephens alumnae in this country and around the world.

As you may already have discovered, Stephens is widely recognized for excellence in the health sciences and creative arts. Our campus is an extraordinary incubator for big, crazy, fabulous ideas across disciplines—from fashion design, digital filmmaking, acting, education and creative writing to degrees in the fastest-growing arenas of the health sciences. Our graduates leave Stephens prepared to think critically, communicate clearly, act decisively and pursue their greatest dreams—wherever those dreams may lead them.

We’re very proud of what we offer here at Stephens College. Whatever your passion or ambition, we are a community of teachers and learners dedicated to helping you achieve it. Whether you’re interested in joining our community of amazing Stephens women, or just reconnecting with your wonderful alma mater, please take a few minutes to look around the site and discover what it means to dream up.

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