Stephens College is committed to fostering a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for learning, living and working. While we have much work to do, we look forward to doing it together, and we invite all members of our community to be part of that conversation.


Commitment in Action

July 2, 2020: The Stephens College Board of Trustees issued a Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Read the statement and share your comments >

June 1, 2020: The Stephens College Office of the President issued a statement of support in response to nationwide calls for racial justice. That statement was followed by a series of action steps and events. We invite you to review the summary below of some of our recent actions. 

Questions, concerns or comments can be directed to [email protected].


Actions + Initiatives

  • Education. Think. Speak. Do. Webinar Series. This nine-week series is open to the Stephens College community and is guided by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director Shaashawn Dial ’98. Register to participate. Training on diversity, equity and inclusion issues has been ongoing and will expand in the 2020-21 academic year.
  • Listening Sessions. This summer, we hosted an educational and Q&A session for the Stephens College community as well as a special listening session for all alumnae. During the academic year, Stephens typically hosts a variety of opportunities for listening and sharing including “Diversity with Dianne,” an informal opportunity for students to share their thoughts on diversity issues with President Lynch; and town hall events for employees, students and alumnae.
  • Communication. On June 1, Stephens College issued a statement in response to the murder of George Floyd and calls for racial justice. Read the statement. We continue to share our commitments on social media and invite you to follow Stephens College on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Administration. Stephens College launched an Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in 2019. Today the DEI office has partnered with the ADA and Title IX offices to develop an Equity Compliance initiative. The DEI director sits on the senior administration team.
  • Reporting. Stephens College launched an anonymous reporting mechanism for DEI issues, in addition to standard reporting processes. Report a concern >

Questions, concerns or comments can be directed to [email protected].

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