Simply put, our brand is our institution’s reputation.

Every member of the Stephens College community plays a role in advancing our reputation. Each of us is a brand ambassador. By incorporating elements of the brand in your communications, you help contribute to the success of Stephens.

The following templates, with accompanying instructions, are the required format for all external communications by Stephens College offices, departments and academic programs.

The Office of Strategic Marketing provides the Stephens College brand assets (official fonts, colors and logos) and templates for the following:

  • Electronic Letterhead
  • Email Signatures and Headers
  • Event Posters, Invitations and Program Cards
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes

Please contact Jennifer Cropp at [email protected] if you have any questions about using these templates, or would like to request more.

If you need help with a project that is not covered by the provided templates, please contact Derrell Carter at [email protected].


Brand Assets


All Stephens College marketing and communications should use Gotham fonts. Arial is the acceptable substitute if you are unable to use Gotham.

Instructions: Unzip the downloaded file and install the fonts following these instructions for MacWindows, or iOS.


Color Palette

Consistent color helps maintain the College’s identity and should be used when creating signs, newsletters, posters, ads, etc., representing Stephens College.  

You’ll note that the PMS 208C is our standard Stephens College maroon and that PMS 1235C is our standard Stephens College gold. The maroon is always a safe, classic choice.   

PMS 208
CMYK 32% | 98% | 60% | 26%
RGB 138 | 30 | 65

PMS 1235
CMYK 0% | 32% | 95% |0%
RGB 255 | 183 | 27

CMYK 27% | 46% | 100% | 14%
RGB 169 | 125 | 40

PMS Cool Grey 11
CMYK 66% | 57% | 51% | 29%
RGB 84 | 86 | 90



By downloading the logos, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines on how to use them. Do not alter the design or aspect ratio of the logos in any way. You may resize the logos to be smaller, ensuring they remain readable. If you need a custom size for a special project, contact Jennifer Cropp at [email protected].


The Block Logo

The Stephens College Block Logo is a consistent part of our identity. It should only be used with a maroon block and white lettering or a black block and white lettering. (Do not use the “floating” version that has no edge.)


The Seal

The official Stephens College seal is reproduced only in Stephens’ original maroon or maroon/gold, or black and white.  


The Stars Athletics Logo

The official Stephens College Athletics logo is reproduced only in color or black and white.  



Electronic Letterhead in Microsoft Word

To create your letterhead in Word, download this ready-to-use file. We offer three main versions (block logo, block logo with theme line, and Stars athletics). There are specific versions for Admissions and Institutional Advancement.

Please note that this letterhead is for electronic use only; do not print or alter the file. If you need a print version, you must order from the Stephens Storefront through the Gateway. 



Email Signature

Every email that comes from Stephens College reflects upon the institution. Using a simple, branded email signature across campus helps strengthen Stephens' visual identity.

Instructions: Copy the signature template from the Word Doc and paste it into your Outlook email signature. Fill in your information, then insert the logo (.png file) at the bottom.


Email Header

For campus-wide invitations or announcements, or HTML emails to external audiences, you can use one of the following email headers: 

  1. Announcing …
  2. Join Us!
  3. You’re Invited!
  4. Congratulations!
  5. Stephens College with Official Seal

Instructions: Insert header at the top of your email using the “Pictures” button and choosing “Photo from File” in the drop-down menu.


Event Promotion

Poster Word Template 8.5 x 11

Stephens has a variety of templates for creating your own posters. You may replace the image, but not the template colors. All use the font Gotham (see download above) or Arial, which is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Instructions: In Word, click on the image you want to replace. Under the “Picture Format” tab click “Change Picture.” Choose “From a File” in the drop-down menu and insert your image. Image size must stay at 4.5 x 8 in. 


Invitation Word Template 5 x 7

We have two versions for you to choose from, a block logo version and a seal version.


Event Program Card Word Template 8.5 x 11, 2 up

This template prints two programs to a page so you may print and trim down the center.

Please use a paper trimmer, slide or guillotine. No scissors. We have two versions for you to choose from, a block logo version and a seal version. Note: There are second-page options if you want to print two-sided. We have an option of a menu or extra program copy for a special speaker’s bio. 


PowerPoint Presentation

Build your presentation by inserting new slides and choosing slide layouts from one of three themes: Basic Campus Theme, Formal Campus Theme, or Official Seal Theme. Do not use layouts from more than one theme in a single presentation.


Zoom Backgrounds

Represent Stephens during your Zoom meetings and presentations. Download any of the themes below -- each bundle includes versions for Stephens College and Stephens Stars.


Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes

Access the ordering portal and instructions through the Gateway >


Submit Calendar Events and Digital Signs

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