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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for Students  

On-campus classes will be held as usual through Friday, March 13.

Classes will be cancelled on Monday and Tuesday, March 16 and 17, to provide time for faculty to finalize their planning and meet with students, who may have questions and need a little help as we work through the transition.

Classes will resume on Wednesday, March 18, in online format. Classes will cease for spring break. Classes will begin again on Monday, March 30 in online format.

Halls will close Friday, March 20 (as planned for spring break). The College will further delay students’ return to campus for an additional 14 days to allow time for students to self-isolate. That offers the best assurance that students who may have been exposed and contracted the virus will not be returning to campus prior to the emergence of symptoms. As a result, classes will continue to be taught online from March 30 to April 10.

On-campus instruction is expected to resume on Monday, April 13, to continue as usual through the end of the spring semester on Thursday, May 7. The residence halls are slated to reopen on Saturday, April 11.


We ask that you take the next few days and organize your belongings into categories:

  1. What you will need over the next 3.5 weeks: textbooks, computer, materials to complete assignments, clothes, shoes, valuables, sentimental items, etc. etc. etc.;Those are the things you should pack for break.
  2. Everything else. This should probably be divided into two piles/stacks: The things you want to keep and the things that have just accumulated and can (and should) just be thrown away.
  3. Items you might want to leave behind include winter items, small appliances, small furniture items like mirrors. You can leave your minifridge but you must clean it out. No food/perishable items will be allowed. If you leave bedding, it must be clean and stored in bags or boxes. Furniture/rugs can be left behind.

We ask that you throw the accumulated stuff into the dumpster we’re placing in the Searcy parking lot.

Moving carts are available for checkout from the security office. A driver’s license or other ID is required to checkout a cart.

Students may get the ‘forward mail’ form from the Post Office on Monday. If students have already left campus, they can email their forwarding address to If necessary, mail will be forwarded after April 13.

We understand that a lot happened quickly and you might have accidently taken your key home. Please notify us at so we can keep track. We would like for you to bring your key back with you when you return, but if you do forget, we will have one available for you.

Send an email by noon Monday if you have serious concerns about not having a access to a computer. Please send an explanation of your situation.There are no guarantees at this time as we are looking at options and availability.

Yes. Parking during break is permitted but the college is not responsible for any damage or theft from vehicles (as always). Be sure to park in a student lot.

Campus is closing at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 20. Access control will be turned off at that time. Plan ahead. After that time, student access to labs, class rooms, and studios will not be permitted. That includes for local students. Local students who live at home may not return to campus during the closure.

Food service will continue through dinner service on Friday, March 20. Stars Café is closing on Friday, March 13.

For students for whom leaving campus represents a genuine hardship, we have developed an appeals process. Requests for consideration are due Sunday at 1 p.m. Staying because you'd prefer to is not an acceptable reason.

Adjustments will be made after the close of the semester.

Updated March 14 - you are welcome to drop off your same room sign up in Student Development. The housing lottery has been postponed and Res Life will be in touch.

The following message was released by the American Midwest Conference (Stephens’ athletics conference) a few moments ago. Please be advised that the conference has suspended the season. Athletes and coaches were already informed. As with all cancelations, we recognize and appreciate the hard work and commitment of our athletes as well as their coaches.


AMC - Fri, Mar. 13, 2020 at 2:55 PM

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - The American Midwest Conference Council of Presidents voted unanimously Friday morning to cancel all remaining intercollegiate activities including Conference championships for the 2020 spring season.

"This was a tough decision by our Council of Presidents knowing the impact it would have on so many young women and men that compete for our institutions and the Conference," said AMC Commissioner, Will Wolper. "On the other hand our number one priority is the health, safety and well-being of our student-athletes, coaches, administrators and community; with that in mind, this is the right decision."

Note that student athletes will continue to receive their scholarship. However there will be no practices during the semester.

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