Starkle Dream Up. Stephens College

graduation archive photo

Join us in honoring our legacy as we approach 185 years.  

This August 24, Stephens College will celebrate 185 years of educating women for the lives that await them — and we plan to celebrate all year long.

We’ll be finalizing our calendar soon and we’ll have much to share with you. In the meantime, each and every one of you — our alumnae, students, family, friends, faculty, staff and supporters — are why we "Dream Up."

Stephens Today 

We invite you to check out our news page and social media for breaking news, including birthday events and information. 

Tell Your Story  

No matter what year you graduated (or how you’ve come to know and love Stephens), we invite you to reflect on the legacy of a women’s college education and the special place that is Stephens. Send us an email today and tell us how much Stephens has meant to you at [email protected].

A Look Back 

Stephens has been home to bold women with bright dreams since 1833. If you'd like to reflect on our history, we offer you a few of our favorite ways to explore where we've been. 

  • Learn about the lives of Stephens women with a look at old yearbooks through the decades. Read our A Look Back blog
  • See our timeline with key highlights of our history. 
  • Enjoy a video walk through of Stephens archive photos below. 



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